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>>Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair <<

I discovered Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair over this past summer at Opening Ceremony. I saw this long back coat with the most amazing tailored kimono details on the back (I still compare it to every coat I see...never measures up). I almost bought it two sizes too big on me...that's how much I loved it. But then Brian stopped me and convinced me that no tailor could mimic the workmanship to have it fit my body. (sometimes he really does know his stuff!) This label is by a Swedish couple, Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter who name the label after an old shoemaker's shop in London to pay tribute to old-world craftmanship. And they do exactly that, all their clothes have the most delightful details in the most unexpected places. I Sometimes like APC but most of the time I think...Where is the joy? Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair makes interesting classics that I will never get sick of. I wish they would start selling in more places within the US...

>>Dinner with Friends Outfit<<

I went out this past weekend with a couple of friends to now one of my favorite Brooklyn spots called Boca Lupo. They have the most amazing bruschettas and their banana nutella panini will make you weep. My husband and I sometimes go for late
Sunday afternoon snacks there, basically an excuse to sqeeze in another meal in the day. This is the outfit I wore out except I wore an all black version of the tops. Lately if something fits me well and the prices isn't insane I tend to buy one in black and one in white. I should start adding more color in the future.

Dinner with Friends Outfit: Club Monaco leather jacket, AA zipper bodysuit, Uniqlo tanks, Phillip Lim carrot pants, Opening ceremony oxfords, and Hermes collier de chien.


>>Wham! Outfit<<

I have an excess amount of skinny jeans that I no longer wear. Since I'm all for DIY projects it just gives me an excuse to keep busy. I took an old pair of grey jeans and sprayed some bleach on it...and Wham!.
I just keep seeing Geroge Michael waving his arms everywhere...I'm not a fan but its totally appropriate with the rest of the outfit.
I was still in Korea for most of the 80's and this is my chance. No really its simple...spare pair of jeans and free time. I like how the back came out more so than the front is a bit too bleached out. I did the same on a Sunshine and Shadow sweatshirt but will show another time-might be overload.

Wham! Outfit: Topshop leather vest, AA tee, Urbanoutfitters Jeans, Barneys belt as bracelt, and Freye boots.


>>Simone Shailes<<

I knitted for a while 2 years ago...nothing fancy just some scarves. I concluded towards the end that with my limited skills and ridiculous hours it takes to make one scarf I'm doing myself a favor by just buying one. There is a part of me that still wants to really learn complicated knitting techniques...maybe one day when I go visit my cousin in Korea (she's an expert). But in the meantime check out Simone Shailes line for Topshop, its gorgeous. I wish Topshop would hurry and open their store in Soho. It's such a pain to order things online due to extra shipping costs and I never really know my size since it tends to vary. Has anyone tried this on? I would love to see some photos! Its looks beautiful on the model but is it in real life?

>>So Cold It Hurts Outfit<<

...Everything is in focus except me...is Brian trying to tell me something?...

It was just brutal outside this past weekend. The wind started actually hurting my finger tips. I did manage to have Brian take some pictures of my outfit. This outfit is important because of the jacket. At my bridal shower all my guest chipped in to get me a hefty gift certificate to the Phillip Lim store (do they know me or what?) and this was my big purchase. I bought it at the LA store while my husband was out there working and it was extra special. If you have ever been to the LA space you know why! The curved walls are studded in white...I could live there. I sounds like I'm advertising for PL but I have never in my life followed a designer this way. Everything fits perfectly and all pieces are subtly unique and effortless. But my point was THANK YOU to all my friends who chipped in to keep me warm this winter! I will have this jacket forever.

So Cold It Hurts Outfit: PL coat, Balenciaga handbag, Nenette Lepore Booties DYI studded, Barneys studded belt worn as bracelet and Vintage Jeans (that were in the back of my closet that I bleached and ripped for hours...not sure about them).


>>Armani Privé<<

As I get older I find myself avoiding the party scene, I opt for a quiet dinner or quick coffee with friends. There is the occasional gallery opening, or a friend's birthday party but even those, the crowd I run with, tend to dress pretty casual. Sometimes on date night with my husband (yes we have Friday date nights) I get dressed up but that's really it. I don't believe in saving that special something in your closet for a big occasions but I can't really wear it walking my dogs!

With that being said my kind of dressing up isn't party dresses, its more like Armani Privé fall 08 collection. Perfectly tailored pantsuits and tuxes. I never feel comfortable in a dress unless its long for some reason, just not natural for me. I finally have a perfect pair of slacks (that I did not even have to tailor..this is huge for me) and now I'm on the lookout for that interesting perfectly tailored jacket to go with it. I'm not even sure where to start looking...any ideas?