>>Crossing Delancey<<

I finally got my perfect pair of Crossing Delancey inspired pants in the mail last week. You guessed it, its from Phillip Lim 3.1. from the crazy holiday sale that's pretty much happening everywhere. I try to wear these pants every chance I get, the fit and the fabric is prefect for this winter. I welcome the resurrection of this silhouette!

Crossing Delancey Outfit: AA Grey Cut off Tee, Phillip Lim high waisted carrot pants, Hermes Medor watch, Vintage belt (worn as bracelet) DIY studded, Lanyard knot necklace, Isabella Fiore patent leather wedge Mary Jane heels and Marni Satin bag.


>>Ring to My Heart<<

Sometimes for kicks I browse the fine Jewelry section on the first floor at Barneys and I start drooling. It's completely out of my reach but a girl can dream. I start rethinking my wedding band choice but then again there is always an anniversary band right? What is it 10 years? sigh...
Here are some of my favorite that I found on their site...there are millions more at the store. Also I'm a yellow gold loyalist as you can see.


These days even the best sales doesn't seem to cut it. I saw a Miu Miu leather school boy bag on sale at Saks for $400 (originally around $2000) but now it doesn't even seem worth it. To lift some spirits I put together a little budget shopping list from Forever21 that I think DOES make the cut. Everything is under $30! Some are obviously designer copies but at these times who cares! I bought the pair of pants on the left and I love it. It's a bit too thin for winter but I might double layer it with some leggings and sport it real soon. They will look fantastic tucked into tall black boots (inspired by Limi feu's S/09 collection). The thing I love about forever 21 is that they have an online shop (only if H&M would please catch up!). If you have ever walked into on of their stores you know what I'm getting at. The music is blaring, the clothes are all over the floor and you are out numbered by teenage girls. But online you get a chance to look at each article of clothing at your own pace, buy the things you like and if something does not fit your standards just mail it back! More and more, even though I live in NY I find myself shopping online. Most shops have some promo code that gets you discounts that you might not normally get in person and you can't beat shopping in your sweats.

Top Row: Dolman V Neck Top / Leesa 3Q top / Dora Denim Tunic
Bottom Row: Shirred Ankle Draped Capri / Knit Balloon Capri /Layered Satin Skirt
This is not Polyvore so please click on the names.


>>Heel me<<

These are some of my favorite shoes, not all this season. Click to image to view details.
Top row: Balenciaga, Emanuel Ungaro, Pierre Hardy
Bottom row: Chanel, Pierre Hardy, Maison Martin Margiela

I will post in the future a more affordable selection of my favorite shoes as our economy seems more bleak than ever...

>>Out with the Parents Outfits<<

As I promised I took some last minute pictures of some of the outfits I wore while visiting my in-laws in Ft. Lauderdale. The weather was absolutely perfect...warm but not hot. I felt a bit weird wearing some of this stuff there since I think most women my age wear either long sun dresses or Juicy Couture jumpers, I have neither in my closet. I did manage to wear sweat pants to dinner with a couple of friends...and I loved it!

Lunch Outfit: Marni Jacket, United Bamboo High waisted shorts, Loeffler Randall Booties, DVF camisole and CC sky Bracelet.

After many months of trying to get Brian to wear bowties casually and failing I decided to wear them myself. I'm in the process of collecting them!
Dinner Outfit: Rodan vs. Griffth shirt (they are grey), Steven Alan Bowtie and Anthropologie Jeans.

Above is the new Prada shoes I scored at the Sawgrass outlet. It doesn't match too well with my outfit but was the best option of what I had in my suitcase. So pretty...they are now on display on my mirrored coffee table at home until its warm enough to wear them.
Miami Ranger Outift: (This is a repost of the outfit from before) Uniqlo Jeans, Helmut Lang tank, Pixie Market scarf, Premise Dress that I wore as a jacket and Prada sandals.


>>Marni Jacket<<

I love most jackets that has the cocoon silhouette especially the Marni ones. The Emanuel Ungaro sandals are gorgeous...check out the heels. I want...

>>Miami Ranger Outfit<<

I went to Miami for lunch today and this was my outfit...Chuck Norris would be proud don't you think?
(I think I will repost these pictures tomorrow...Brian did not do such a hot job with the pictures...urg...so grainy!)

Miami Ranger Outift: Uniqlo Jeans, Helmut Lang tank, CC sky bracelet, Pixie Market scarf, Loffler Randall booties, Premise Dress that I wore as a jacket.


>>New outfit<<

Click to find details on the items above.
The Chloé Mongolian lamb coat probably will make me look like a yeti but its beautiful.

I'm in Ft. Lauderdale visiting my In-laws at the moment. Great weather, great food and great company!
I just came back from Sawgrass Outlet where I scored a pair of last season's insanely discounted Prada platforms, a Marni coat that is about 4 sizes too big but still looks fantastic (best find of the season for sure...it was buried in the back and cost almost nothing!) and a pair of quilted leather tan gloves.

I plan to take some good pictures with the new items and post tomorrow.


>>Studded beanie<<

Kristin Valerie's picture from her blog that I frequently visit. We have similar taste but she is even more adventurous with her DIY projects! Studded beanies...need I say more?

On the tens of thousands of blogs I read daily I appreciate the blogger's personal wardrobe pictures the most (all of them I swear must be models on the side!). I think its interesting how "real" people pair certain things depends on their body types, age and styles. If you have not noticed in my previous postings, I'm not vain in my looks! It took me 27 years to realize you work with what you got!
Even though I truly hate getting my picture taken and I obsess over every negative detail I want to really try and post more of my daily outfits. Who knows one day maybe my daughter will apprecaite them as being retro.


>>The New Trench<<

Its' now freezing cold in NY, too late for trench coats but for those of you who reside in warmer climates here are my favorites silhouettes this season.

The Burberry Prorsum Trench, check out the pleated bottom and the cinched waistline.

Mattijs VanBergen, the pleating goes all the way up to the storm flaps!

I saw a great one from opening ceremony but I can't find an image of it online. Its a khaki color trench and on the bottom there is a detachable (with zipper) 4" pleated black chiffon that makes it look as if you are wearing a long dress underneath. It's beautiful...I'll try to get a picture another time.

>>Pearls of Wisdom<<

Lanvin is one of those brands that I believe exceeds all trends. It's a worthwhile investment almost every time especially when it comes to purses. I love that no one can quite tell where its from since they don't garishly front their logos nor do they follow the "it bag" templates. And just recently I've been noticing their jewelry has the same take. I've been meaning to introduce pearls in my wardrobe without looking like a
Sex and the City girl but every time I try it looks forced. But the Lanvin Pearls...so fresh and yet so classic! The grosgrain ribbon that intertwines between the pearls gives it a rebirth (too much? but this makes me excited). For the time being it might be a DIY project. So stay tuned.

>>Steven Alan Sample Sale<<

Girls: I went to the sample sale last night for the press viewing and was hugely disappointed. This is my third year attending this sale and for the first time I walked out with nothing but a little bowtie (I'm wild about men's bowties and will blog about it soon). My girlfriend did much better, she scored a cute pair of brown Gryson riding boots (the last one there). As always there were endless racks of Lewis Cho from a zillion seasons ago (which haunts us at pretty much every sample sale in NYC...enough already), no Rag and Bone as promised, Demy Lee (also similar selections as last year and mostly large sizes), Sunshine and Shadow (not discounted enough) and just an ugly selection of other indie brands. I don't know what happened this year...this should be the year when everything goes on sale since no one is really spending as much. The most interesting thing was Steven Alan actually walking around the sales floor checking out people's outfits and the cute blond cashier girl's large tortoiseshell glasses.

Boys: The Men's side was a lot better, mostly Steven Alan button downs but the mediums were going fast even last night. There were also a nice selection of shofolk leather hightops that I think might make the trip worthwhile as well.


>>The mother of all tattoos<<

This morning my friend Cynthia sent this image over. I love how it falls over her shoulders, just gorgeous! This basically blows the calf tattoos out of the water don't you think?


>>And then there was light<<

The most beautiful light fixture ever made. The Pluma Cubic Kugel suspension lamp designed by Heike Buchfelder is made entirely out of goose feathers! I saw this fixture a couple of years back at ICFF and fell in love with it. I have a running list of items I hope to have in my dream house...this is definately one of them. I wonder how you clean it...

>>virtual therapy<<

My friend Sam brought Polyvore to my attention today. I've seen it on other blogs but never really made one myself. Try it when you're bored. It's like playing with paper dolls from when you were a kid.

>>leather pants<<

Leather pants...that already says a bunch. You need a certain amount of confidence and wildness in your outfits prior to sporting these. Wear them on a Tuesday and walk around like you don't even notice what's on your legs. Everyone remembers the Friends episode when Ross wore his on a date...don't forget they get very hot.

My favorites are the Elizabeth and James Moto crop pants which has all sorts of great detail stitching on the front and
Alexander McQueen Black quilted knee pad pants (I pretty much love anything quilted...even tried to have my wedding cake quilted which failed miserably). I need a bit more roughness on my leather but for those of you who are looking for leather legging types here are a few in a wide range of prices.

Left to Right: Robert Rodriguez Leather Leggings, The Row motorcylce Pants, Helmut Lang leather leggings, Topshop high waisted leather skinny, and Christopher Kane leather trousers.


I found this a couple of days ago on styleclicker. I think it's one of the nicest tattoos I have ever seen. Couple of years back Grace and I got matching temporary star tattoos in Munich (we were bored...it was free...) and the whole day everyone kept asking us if we were in a band together. I think tattoos bring unwanted conversation with strangers...it's not for me. But in another life maybe.


>>All collar<<

Last week I saw my producer, Anne wearing this ruffle collar shirt underneath a black sweater. The collar and the ruffle bottom peeked out just enough to make the right statement. Jcrew is usually not my style but this one is a keeper. I think I will wait until it goes on sale though. Comes in white, black, camel striped and above. Enjoy!

>>Send me your desires<<

I'm now taking down a list of items you guys are interested in reading about in the future.
Please leave you suggestions in the comment box.
So far on my list are leather pants, oxford booties, sandals + socks combo and the rest is up to you!
And no Sam I won't do a retrospect of Sarah Palin's getups...


>>The better half<<

The new pants silhouette has me busy these days. Now that we have pretty much done the skinny jean, high waisted look (which I still love) its time to make room for something fresh. This season I feel especially has been adventurous whether its the jodhpurs or for a lack of a better term the drop crotch pants really becoming mainstream. For my height it's been a tough challenge to find a good fit and have it look as if I still have legs. The best option I found so far for my figure was a black high waisted carrot pants. I have one coming my way from the ridiculous barneys sale, so stay tuned for pictures.

I have a couple of favorites that jumped out from the spring 2009 runway. Lanvin and their black duchess satin high waisted carrot pants (a mouth full), Chloe's pink billowy high waisted pants and the Yohji Yamamamoto men's inspired wide leg pants. All of them beautiful, all of them perhaps worn in my next life when I come back as a 5'8". A little shout out for the Hurewitz's (my husbands family). This family is all legs...every family gathering I just sit there so jealous of all of you! I'm serious it goes on for miles, the men and the women. Unfair...

For those of you who can't spend a month's rent on a pair just like me there are an endless options. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hazel Brown wool riding pants

Mary Meyer black wool sahara pants

Rick Owen drop crotch denim pants (my personal favorite)

Gareth Pugh Jodhpur sweat pants (little out there but still nice)

Marc by Marc Jacobs brushed twill cropped pants

Forever21 Shirred Ankle Draped Capri (cheap cheap cheap)

Forever21 carrot leg sweats (dibs)