>>Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair <<

I discovered Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair over this past summer at Opening Ceremony. I saw this long back coat with the most amazing tailored kimono details on the back (I still compare it to every coat I see...never measures up). I almost bought it two sizes too big on me...that's how much I loved it. But then Brian stopped me and convinced me that no tailor could mimic the workmanship to have it fit my body. (sometimes he really does know his stuff!) This label is by a Swedish couple, Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter who name the label after an old shoemaker's shop in London to pay tribute to old-world craftmanship. And they do exactly that, all their clothes have the most delightful details in the most unexpected places. I Sometimes like APC but most of the time I think...Where is the joy? Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair makes interesting classics that I will never get sick of. I wish they would start selling in more places within the US...


SOS! said...

They had an amazing display in selfridges' window..

Cindiddy said...

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Formal shirts said...

I love that little cardigan in the 1st pic! It's so cute!