>>Opening Ceremony<<

My favorite shop in the world..their selections are impeccable. Their own line every season is improving and by improving I mean getting quirkier! Some pics from the S/S 09 collection. I would love to own everything from the first picture. Please visit Refinery29 for more of the collection.

>>Shopping list<<

Marni.... These are definitely calling my name for this summer. I usually hate sequence but the colors combination along with the sculptural wooden platform is pure perfection.

Ruffle leather from Topshop. The only real flaw is that topshop leather tends not to be in the best quality hence the price. But Ruffle leather is something I'm looking for to add to my wardrobe.

Hartford Blazer from forever21. What a find! Its cotton knit so no need to worry about the fabric being in noticable poor quality. Sometimes the low brow shops hit the spot and they take away the guilt...

Surface to Air dress. Very deco very chic. The colors are very beautiful. I can wear this with my loeffler randall platform booties, my helmut lang blazer and black stocking and go to work. Its effortless.


>>Colorfully Black<<

I use to avoid the color black in my teen and early twenties. Going to an art school it was not only a uniform but a giant cliché. My own cliché back in the day for a while was Japanese east village funk...even had bright blue hair and nose stud to match. I figure if I don't do it now...when? And I was right. But in the past 4 months or so I have found to love all the black has to offer. It seems to magically match to pretty much everything and wearing it fitted makes all the right chic statements. The start of this new found love came from my Helmut Lang black wool blazer I had buried in my closet from last year. The purchses I made this year so far in black is a great oversized Lanvin handbag in the most gorgeous soft leather, Loeffler Randall cutout bootie (so comfortable for 4.25" platforms), switched my Hermès Medor watch strap into black, Silk shirt from Rena Lange and so much more I promise to post!

This is a Raasta knot head band from Piexie Market. They also have it silk purple as well in the NY LES stores. I have been looking at it for a while now and the price is right but not sure if its too big and too young for me. I recently cut my hair to a chin length bob so it might not look too goofy but I think its a great find.

Fendi Heavy knit sweater from net-a-porter is more than gorgeous. I started really liking very volumous clothing. I think I can finally pull it off with my age (27) and I have come to embrace my height (5'2") so this kind of style is what I look for these days.


>>Light as a feather<<

Ever since I saw this Anna Sui Long Hair Mogolian Lamb Fur Cape I started my endless search for the perfect light fluffy feather vest. Back in the day when I use to wear fur it was great on the coldest NY winter nights but horribly hot for any other outing. Putting on the fur jackets did automatically uplift the outfit into a 1970's chicky disco girl which I still adore. I admire this cape for the awkward length in the fur and the colors...just strange enough to make it so chic. I will post a lamb jacket I bought from 3.1 Phillip Lim in the future...its divine...chocolate hair with big patent leather white buttons. Still waiting to wear it out.

(This image is provided by facehunter). I'm not tall enough to handle this vest but oh so chic...

(image provieded by refinery29.com)
One of my other daily reads is refinery29.com They had a little article on furry vests I think seal the deal for me. I'm on the lookout for a prefect feather vest preferably in black or white.

I found a couple of feather vests/cape on ebay that might hit the spot. I might bid for the white one although I wish it was a bit longer. I think the brown cape is a bit like a muppet. I will have to repeadly defend myself to my friends that its not fur!!!


>>Desire:::Hermès/Stella McCartney/Elizabeth and James<<

collier de chien I have been dreaming of this bracelet for about 4 months. Ever since my husband bought me the gold Hermès Medor watch (which is a story of its own...had to be bought in Munich since that was pretty much the last city in the world to carry the gold one) I have been obsessed about studs. I have always preferred gold studs over silver but recently I noticed that my watch made all my outfits a bit too flashy at moments. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my watch and everyday when I wear it I fall in love with it over and over. It pretty much matches to everything I own. Going back to the collier de chien...I think since the the width is a lot wider that the Medor the silver studs compliment it better. The black was officially in NY stores for a while but now the Hermès website seems to carry it. The website was only selling the white collier de chien for a while which was a bit to LA for my taste. Can you tell I'm obsessing again?? I want it...and I might just have to get it. I want to add it to my birthday list but then by that time I'm afraid it will be extinct.

Hermès H logo belt kit I think pretty much everyone recognizes it which can be a bad thing. The best test is to show it to my husband and see if he can guess where its from and unfortunately he knew. But then I think it would be a nice accent to a plain back dress or a casual jeans and t-shirt outfit. I have too many things to get before I purchase this belt. This might be a good luxury present...you don't want to get it yourself but if someone else gets it for you...all the better. Don't you think? So all those boyfriends and husbands out there (except mine) this might be a good choice.

Stella McCartney Wooden wedge pumps The sculpted silver insert on back of the heel is fantastic! You almost want to inscribe something on it like you initials. How bad ass! These pumps will officially make me about 5'7". Its one inch taller than my dream height. I can't imagine that it would be comfortable since the heels are made out of wood. But for a dinner date where you just have to just sit or stand there...its perfect!

Elizabeth and James Poe Embroidered Metallic Jacket Now that layering metal and leather bracelets are in this season, this jacket actually hits two birds with one stone. The silver metallic roping trim is done tastefully enough that it has a hint of a sailor's uniform but not overboard. The blazer is also stretch wool which makes it so comfortable to wear.

I will post pictures from my personal wardrobe in the future. Stay tuned!


>>Prada/Miu Miu Friends and Family Sale<<

I have not been a fan of Prada recently. The 2008 spring/summer collection was all about sixties, early seventies, Art Nouveau-ish doodles. I almost cried reminiscing about the days when Prada was known for its masculine simplistic structural style. But I do have to say the Fall/Winter 2008 collection of lace dresses, handbags, shoes, accessories surprisingly did hit the right spot. I read that Miuccia Prada hated lace so much that she decided to create a whole collection with it. How fantastic!!! Miu Miu has been just under the radar these days as well. I did love the ADs featuring Kristen Dunst in ridiculously short puffy bloomers and harlequins decorated brocades baby doll dresses for the Spring/Summer 2008 collection. I would never wear it but looks pretty on her.

With that being said perhaps this friends and family sale will be mostly from previous collections but might be worth checking out. You never know...

Place: 6
09 W. 51 St. between 11th and 12 th Ave.
Date: Sat. Oct. 18th through Friday Oct. 24
Oct. 18th-19th 9am-6pm Oct. 20th-24th 9am-8pm
Merchandise: Prada and Miu Miu Ready-to-wear and footwear Fall/ Winter 2007 and Spring/Summer 2008 and selects from other previous seasons
Payments: Credit/Debit cards only (no cash or checks)


Valentino Boutique The cutest vintage Valentino silk blouse from 1970 but unfortunately not my size. If you are a size 6 please do indulge! Dark blue silk blouse with beige geometric motifs. Shirt collar with three buttons, with a blue ribbon to tie at neck.

TOPSHOP Zip Ruffle Neck Blouse How fitting for this season's ruffle trend. The zipper part reminds me of Project Runway winner from 2 years ago,
Jeffrey Sebelia's collection zipper detailed dresses. It's like an Elizabethan neck collar. Pair it with cigarette pants and ready for a night out.

APC coat with Fur Trim Although I do not personally wear fur anymore (it might be rabbit fur) I do admire the style of this coat. It's so adorable! It's a shame its not faux fur. Just look...don't buy.

EBAY Vintage Lace Neck Collar I'm now just getting into Ebay. I never really bought anything but all the pro shoppers seems to do it. I'm learning and what I learn I will post. But for $16 this is a great find. 5 hours left.

I know its the recession. But you can always desire.

>>My First Time...<<

The first time I felt the thrill of owning a beautifully made purse was in 1999. Being a college student at the time, there wasn't much in site that I could afford, but I had spotted a deconstructed red and white stripe purse from Miu Miu that haunted me in my dreams for weeks. Each stitch and fold of the fabric was cared for in a way that I knew this was truly an investment before I even really knew what that meant. I would walk in and walk out of the store for days waiting for the day that I'd get the courage to put down my card and not eat for the rest of the month.

The next thing I knew I was dangling my beloved purse off my arms on campus along with my other bag that was actually able to fit the necessities. My love for the purse lasted about 6 months. I still have it to this day—I've been unable to discard it for the memories and the significance it holds.
Since then I have grown as an admirer. I know when to invest in the pieces that can be passed down and when to cut corners on certain items that will be sold at a simple stoop sale the following year. I know the basics that will last a lifetime if cared for in the right way and the unique pieces that will turn heads at any event. In some way, my Miu Miu unleashed a monster.

I will forever be absolutely in love with fashion for its extravagance and its ability to transform.
I hope my thoughts on this site will give you a little taste of my obsession. I will share my findings, my possessions, and my ever growing 30th birthday gift list for my husband. Enjoy.