>>Simone Shailes<<

I knitted for a while 2 years ago...nothing fancy just some scarves. I concluded towards the end that with my limited skills and ridiculous hours it takes to make one scarf I'm doing myself a favor by just buying one. There is a part of me that still wants to really learn complicated knitting techniques...maybe one day when I go visit my cousin in Korea (she's an expert). But in the meantime check out Simone Shailes line for Topshop, its gorgeous. I wish Topshop would hurry and open their store in Soho. It's such a pain to order things online due to extra shipping costs and I never really know my size since it tends to vary. Has anyone tried this on? I would love to see some photos! Its looks beautiful on the model but is it in real life?


Iliana said...

Great Blog! Love that sweater, we have been waiting for Topshop to open FOREVER too!!!

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Cindiddy said...

That... is perfect! the grey one....i wanttttt!

-h of candid cool said...

it's beautiful.