>>My First Time...<<

The first time I felt the thrill of owning a beautifully made purse was in 1999. Being a college student at the time, there wasn't much in site that I could afford, but I had spotted a deconstructed red and white stripe purse from Miu Miu that haunted me in my dreams for weeks. Each stitch and fold of the fabric was cared for in a way that I knew this was truly an investment before I even really knew what that meant. I would walk in and walk out of the store for days waiting for the day that I'd get the courage to put down my card and not eat for the rest of the month.

The next thing I knew I was dangling my beloved purse off my arms on campus along with my other bag that was actually able to fit the necessities. My love for the purse lasted about 6 months. I still have it to this day—I've been unable to discard it for the memories and the significance it holds.
Since then I have grown as an admirer. I know when to invest in the pieces that can be passed down and when to cut corners on certain items that will be sold at a simple stoop sale the following year. I know the basics that will last a lifetime if cared for in the right way and the unique pieces that will turn heads at any event. In some way, my Miu Miu unleashed a monster.

I will forever be absolutely in love with fashion for its extravagance and its ability to transform.
I hope my thoughts on this site will give you a little taste of my obsession. I will share my findings, my possessions, and my ever growing 30th birthday gift list for my husband. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, why the name Brook & Lyn?

mimi said...

I live in Brooklyn and I always wanted to start some sort of fashion mag, book, line, and so much more with the city name divided into 2. So it would be like two girls perspectives on fashion, culture and life! Yet to come...the blog is a start though

escritora said...

hahaha, i'm preparing 30th birthday gift list for my husband too ;)