>>Light as a feather<<

Ever since I saw this Anna Sui Long Hair Mogolian Lamb Fur Cape I started my endless search for the perfect light fluffy feather vest. Back in the day when I use to wear fur it was great on the coldest NY winter nights but horribly hot for any other outing. Putting on the fur jackets did automatically uplift the outfit into a 1970's chicky disco girl which I still adore. I admire this cape for the awkward length in the fur and the colors...just strange enough to make it so chic. I will post a lamb jacket I bought from 3.1 Phillip Lim in the future...its divine...chocolate hair with big patent leather white buttons. Still waiting to wear it out.

(This image is provided by facehunter). I'm not tall enough to handle this vest but oh so chic...

(image provieded by refinery29.com)
One of my other daily reads is refinery29.com They had a little article on furry vests I think seal the deal for me. I'm on the lookout for a prefect feather vest preferably in black or white.

I found a couple of feather vests/cape on ebay that might hit the spot. I might bid for the white one although I wish it was a bit longer. I think the brown cape is a bit like a muppet. I will have to repeadly defend myself to my friends that its not fur!!!

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