>>Colorfully Black<<

I use to avoid the color black in my teen and early twenties. Going to an art school it was not only a uniform but a giant cliché. My own cliché back in the day for a while was Japanese east village funk...even had bright blue hair and nose stud to match. I figure if I don't do it now...when? And I was right. But in the past 4 months or so I have found to love all the black has to offer. It seems to magically match to pretty much everything and wearing it fitted makes all the right chic statements. The start of this new found love came from my Helmut Lang black wool blazer I had buried in my closet from last year. The purchses I made this year so far in black is a great oversized Lanvin handbag in the most gorgeous soft leather, Loeffler Randall cutout bootie (so comfortable for 4.25" platforms), switched my Hermès Medor watch strap into black, Silk shirt from Rena Lange and so much more I promise to post!

This is a Raasta knot head band from Piexie Market. They also have it silk purple as well in the NY LES stores. I have been looking at it for a while now and the price is right but not sure if its too big and too young for me. I recently cut my hair to a chin length bob so it might not look too goofy but I think its a great find.

Fendi Heavy knit sweater from net-a-porter is more than gorgeous. I started really liking very volumous clothing. I think I can finally pull it off with my age (27) and I have come to embrace my height (5'2") so this kind of style is what I look for these days.

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