>>The better half<<

The new pants silhouette has me busy these days. Now that we have pretty much done the skinny jean, high waisted look (which I still love) its time to make room for something fresh. This season I feel especially has been adventurous whether its the jodhpurs or for a lack of a better term the drop crotch pants really becoming mainstream. For my height it's been a tough challenge to find a good fit and have it look as if I still have legs. The best option I found so far for my figure was a black high waisted carrot pants. I have one coming my way from the ridiculous barneys sale, so stay tuned for pictures.

I have a couple of favorites that jumped out from the spring 2009 runway. Lanvin and their black duchess satin high waisted carrot pants (a mouth full), Chloe's pink billowy high waisted pants and the Yohji Yamamamoto men's inspired wide leg pants. All of them beautiful, all of them perhaps worn in my next life when I come back as a 5'8". A little shout out for the Hurewitz's (my husbands family). This family is all legs...every family gathering I just sit there so jealous of all of you! I'm serious it goes on for miles, the men and the women. Unfair...

For those of you who can't spend a month's rent on a pair just like me there are an endless options. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hazel Brown wool riding pants

Mary Meyer black wool sahara pants

Rick Owen drop crotch denim pants (my personal favorite)

Gareth Pugh Jodhpur sweat pants (little out there but still nice)

Marc by Marc Jacobs brushed twill cropped pants

Forever21 Shirred Ankle Draped Capri (cheap cheap cheap)

Forever21 carrot leg sweats (dibs)


Anonymous said...

I love the Rick Owens too! Thanks for researching.

Sam said...

I thought this low-crotch thing was a joke. People are going to wear this?

Brook and Lyn said...

It's out there! Start paying attention. Not that I'm encouraging you to stare down there. But really looks a lot better in person...