>>Studded beanie<<

Kristin Valerie's picture from her blog that I frequently visit. We have similar taste but she is even more adventurous with her DIY projects! Studded beanies...need I say more?

On the tens of thousands of blogs I read daily I appreciate the blogger's personal wardrobe pictures the most (all of them I swear must be models on the side!). I think its interesting how "real" people pair certain things depends on their body types, age and styles. If you have not noticed in my previous postings, I'm not vain in my looks! It took me 27 years to realize you work with what you got!
Even though I truly hate getting my picture taken and I obsess over every negative detail I want to really try and post more of my daily outfits. Who knows one day maybe my daughter will apprecaite them as being retro.


Michaela said...

"It took me 27 years to realize you work with what you got …"

Hey, no false modesty here!

Brook and Lyn said...

Oh no never!

avisualperson said...

shit, if only everyone knew that, instead of trying to be something or someone that they aren't and failing miserably no less. it means finding and navigating the delicate space between acceptance and aspiration.