>>Steven Alan Sample Sale<<

Girls: I went to the sample sale last night for the press viewing and was hugely disappointed. This is my third year attending this sale and for the first time I walked out with nothing but a little bowtie (I'm wild about men's bowties and will blog about it soon). My girlfriend did much better, she scored a cute pair of brown Gryson riding boots (the last one there). As always there were endless racks of Lewis Cho from a zillion seasons ago (which haunts us at pretty much every sample sale in NYC...enough already), no Rag and Bone as promised, Demy Lee (also similar selections as last year and mostly large sizes), Sunshine and Shadow (not discounted enough) and just an ugly selection of other indie brands. I don't know what happened this year...this should be the year when everything goes on sale since no one is really spending as much. The most interesting thing was Steven Alan actually walking around the sales floor checking out people's outfits and the cute blond cashier girl's large tortoiseshell glasses.

Boys: The Men's side was a lot better, mostly Steven Alan button downs but the mediums were going fast even last night. There were also a nice selection of shofolk leather hightops that I think might make the trip worthwhile as well.


avisualperson said...

i bought a men's jacket at last year's sale which is a 1/2-size too big; it remains in my closet unworn. waaaaaah. mustn't make the same mistake this time around!

Brook and Lyn said...

If it was a good deal its not all lost! I often buy things up to 2 sizes to big if its a great deal spend the extra money tailoring it. Jackets and pants always need a little tailoring anyways for me. Take your jacket to Jack at Hong Kong Tailor on 136 Waverly Pl., 212-675-0818. I took a couple of jackets (taken in the shoulders and sides to fit better) and dresses and he did a fantastic job. He can be pricier than others and takes longer but for something special I would not go anywhere else. Good Luck Jeff!

Shelly said...

Went prior to reading your posting to look for rag and bone shirts. Sale sucked as you said!!!!!!