>>Rainy Day Outfit<<

This is my rainy day outfit going to the office. My outfits usually start from wanting to wear a specific piece. In this case its my new H&M rain booties (that my husband swear are hideous). I normally don't go to H&M due to the club like music blasting non-stop, the crowds and the unorganized piles of clothes I would go through to find my size. But once in a while usually after a guilty overpriced purchase its about the only place I feel like I'm actually doing a good deed. And I think my booties are a diamond in the rough.

Rainy Day Outfit: Uniqlo sweater, Rodan vs. Griffith tank, vintage silver beaded shawl, Urban Outfitter jeans, H&M rain booties, Hermes Medor Watch, CC sky Bracelet, Louise Vuitton wedding band, and DIY spike studded bag.

Even though I hate being photographed I will post more pictures of my outfits through out the week.


grace said...

Babe! Love it!! Nice selection of accessories and combination outfits.

Go Mims!,

-h of candid cool said...

that bag is insanely awesome!! Perfect job!!