>>I <3 LA<<

On my last trip to LA I finally got a chance to visit Creature of Comfort and Pixie Market.

Creature of Comfort is a darling little shop in west Hollywood that has the most unusual selections. Now I make it a point to make sure I check out their new items at least once a week. Its a great style reference as well...as I call it now "ugly chic". It's not so much looking trendy or pretty but more fashion forward and interesting. I love it.

Zucca Black Buckle Tall Boots There boots unfortunately would not look too good on me...It's for the long leggy types. But one can dream...

Pixie Market is bicoastal and reminds me of little indie boutiques you find in Berlin. It has its charm, not everything is my style but I can appreciate where its coming from, new talent. Here are some jewels from the two stores I found recently.

I love this whole look, like a ballerina fallen from grace. The top (Therese Rawthorne) is gorgeous...I think for $249 this might be a good DYI project in the near future.

This vest you can wear all year long. I especially love the gathered fabric on the back. Its not particularly unique but I think will add a nice flare to any outfit.

This plaid dress by Rekiem definitely scratches the winter plaid itch. Although I'm not sure how to stuff the sleeves in all my fitted jackets and coats.

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