These days even the best sales doesn't seem to cut it. I saw a Miu Miu leather school boy bag on sale at Saks for $400 (originally around $2000) but now it doesn't even seem worth it. To lift some spirits I put together a little budget shopping list from Forever21 that I think DOES make the cut. Everything is under $30! Some are obviously designer copies but at these times who cares! I bought the pair of pants on the left and I love it. It's a bit too thin for winter but I might double layer it with some leggings and sport it real soon. They will look fantastic tucked into tall black boots (inspired by Limi feu's S/09 collection). The thing I love about forever 21 is that they have an online shop (only if H&M would please catch up!). If you have ever walked into on of their stores you know what I'm getting at. The music is blaring, the clothes are all over the floor and you are out numbered by teenage girls. But online you get a chance to look at each article of clothing at your own pace, buy the things you like and if something does not fit your standards just mail it back! More and more, even though I live in NY I find myself shopping online. Most shops have some promo code that gets you discounts that you might not normally get in person and you can't beat shopping in your sweats.

Top Row: Dolman V Neck Top / Leesa 3Q top / Dora Denim Tunic
Bottom Row: Shirred Ankle Draped Capri / Knit Balloon Capri /Layered Satin Skirt
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-h of candid cool said...

online shopping at f21 is iffy for me, since the quality is so hit or miss. sometimes i'll look online and then try to see if i can find it in store. i think the key is to go the store on monday morning, the kids are in school and nobody's awake enough to be out.

Brook and Lyn said...

I have the worst luck at the store! My size is always the first to go. But if I find out their shipment schedule the morning shopping trip sounds like a good idea.